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to container - based ranges

The Modular Range is SRT/Laser Shot’s flagship small arms training device. Once assembled and anchored in place, it is a complete turnkey indoor small arms range supporting live-fire and simulated small arms training and qualification


The Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR) training device provides a zero-surface-danger-zone alternative solution to the standard MILCON indoor firing range. The completed MSAR includes a weathertight enclosure and all range systems such as OSHA/NIOSH/EPA/ASHRAE compliant HEPA-filtered ventilation, ballistic containment, sound isolation, target, lighting, communication, touchscreen controls, and safety/emergency systems. Storage space and classrooms, as well as a choice in bullet trap and target styles, including patented Thermal Shot™ live-fire virtual targetry, are available.

MSAR is a turnkey small arms training solution. Just provide a solid, level foundation/support for anchorage and utility connections and we do the rest. Modular prefabrication drastically shortens acquisition time and simplifies procurement requirements. Weapons cleaning and storage and restroom/washing module options are also available.

  • 360° enclosed AR-500 armored shooting bay - no-surface-danger-zone required
  • 99.97% HEPA-filtered ventilation/HVAC available in purge or recirculating style
  • Meets all applicable NIOSH, ASHRAE, OSHA & EPA requirements
  • Only indoor range certified for use with new 7.62mm and 5.56mm EPR (M80A1 and M855A1) ammunition
  • Modular assembly and training device classification simplify and shorten procurement
  • “Green” range with complete particulate and fragmented lead containment and management)
  • Noise pollution controls minimize the impact on neighbors and sound exposure to users
  • Steel or rubber bullet trap choices using proven designs
  • Multiple target options, including Thermal Shot™ live-fire virtual targetry/video wall
  • Built-in range control office with touch-screen automation controls

Thermal Shot™ technology is the exclusive live-fire solution that ensures the entire target wall is tracked. This implies that all areas of the screen will accurately track and register projectiles, resulting in zero blind spots or rogue shots. As a projectile passes through or strikes the Thermal Shot™ screen, the thermal camera detects and measures the locations of those strikes, instantly mapping the strikes to the projected images. The computer responds immediately with the correlating results which may include depictions of death, wounding, chipping, splintering, or other realistic bullet impacts.


  • Soft air
  • Rubber projectiles
  • Live rounds
  • Training munitions (UTM®/Simunition®)

True Innovation
in Design

Where others take one-trip shipping containers from China, recondition and modify them, line them with armor, and then put them side by side, and end to end, and then call it a single range, we took a fresh approach. Instead of multiple two-lane ranges placed side by side with narrow, less-than-four-foot lane widths, we devised an ingenious way to build a fully-tactical modular-style range that is up to ten lanes wide (40′) with an open floor plan and full-width (48″-60″) lanes. SRT engineers designed our modules from the ground up with the intent of providing a completely open-plan, clear-span training area, without interior columns, supports or walls to support today’s move-and-shoot style tactical training.

SRT purpose-builds every module to exacting specifications, in specially-designed weld jigs. We even “engrave” the welding instructions by computer right on the materials using our water jet cutters to ensure nothing gets missed and that like modules are true duplicates. SRT’s Modular Small Arms Range is considered a training device and has the capability of being completely disassembled, moved and reassembled someplace else if necessary with minimal material loss/waste.

Sized to Meet Your Needs

The MSAR is available in standard widths of 16’, 24’, 32’, and 40’. Custom widths, two-bay solutions, and both fixed and tactical firing configurations are also available. Range lengths (target distances) of 10-100 yards/meters and longer are possible and are only limited by budget and available space.


The MSAR is largely fabricated offsite using welded structural steel and AR500 steel plate for bullet containment and then shipped to you via standard trucking/steamship methods in sections or ‘modules’. After the modules are assembled onsite and anchored in place, the MSAR is covered with a weatherproofing facade, including a roof with gutters and downspouts, and made to resemble a steel building. Multiple colors and even photorealistic ‘wrap’ options are available to allow the MSAR to blend in with surrounding architecture or to blend in with the landscape.

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SRT personnel are uniquely qualified to take on your range project and complete it on time and within budget. We use the very latest in computer aided design technology, and operate some of the largest computer driven dual-head water jet cutting machines in North America.