Why SRT?


Safety is the number one concern at SRT. In fact it is our overriding and guiding principal for everything we do. We know that one accident is all it takes to shut your range permanently, or to destroy your business.


All of the materials used in SRT ranges are of the finest quality, from the steel which contains the bullets to the finishes in the control room. As an example, we don't just take the steel mill at their word on hardness testing of our AR steel. SRT is the only range manufacturer that ensures specified containment level by audit-testing EVERY sheet of AR steel before we accept it. All pieces, which are cut from the audited mother sheets and used for critical containment, receive a permanent, water jet engraving of the mill test certificate number. This number can always be traced back to two independent Brinnell hardness tests – the mill's and our audit test.

Seams and Joint Integrity

Seams are always a potential weak point, but because of the precision of our water jet (about .005” accuracy and .001” repeatability), and the fact that water jet cutting leaves no Heat Affected Zones (HAZ), the seams where modules join each other are near perfect, without any discernible gaps, and the steel is the full AR500 hardness all the way to the cut edge. SRT's unique joint design further ensures seam integrity by placing structure behind every seam, outside of the ballistic containment envelope.

No Tripping Hazards

Other manufacturers use the ‘fish scale' method of overlapping steel plates to save fabrication costs and because their equipment lacks the precision to produce a gapless joint. While not so critical on walls and ceilings, this overlapping creates a potential trip hazard on floor surfaces, creating a dangerous situation for tactical move-and-shoot style training. All of SRT's Modular Range floors are precision butt-joined just like the walls, so that they are even and flush. The last thing you want to have happen is a trip and fall with a loaded firearm!

Bullet Traps

SRT ranges offer three different styles of bullet trap in steel or rubber – none of which have vertical lane separators and therefore ALL of which allow for safe, close-in target engagement without the ricochet danger inherent to some other manufacturer's trap offerings. Every trap we offer is rated to 7.62 x 51 ammo and a few can even take .50 BMG (although if you’ve ever shot one of those bad boys in an enclosed space, you probably won’t do it a second time). Some traps are available with automated bullet collection and dust collection options as well.

Ventilation & Filtration

All SRT ranges employ professionally-designed, time-tested, fully compliant (OSHA/NIOSH/EPA/NEHC/NAVFAC) ventilation systems with HEPA filtration to ensure airborne contaminants are removed from the shooters' breathing zone and deposited where they can be properly and safely disposed or recycled. The proper airflow for the shooters helps keep the OSHA/NIOSH folks happy, while the HEPA filtration allays any environmental concerns.


SRT's designs maximize the usable space. In the case of our Modular Range for example, we decided to build modules from the ground up rather than simply modify shipping containers and hang traditional ceiling baffles inside. This fresh approach allowed us to maximize the modules' overall height based on available transport options and highway height restrictions. Plus our unique ceiling design produces an automatic very low-angle ‘baffled' effect, while still leaving protected alcoves for lighting, sprinklers, etc., and our clear ceiling height at more than 8'. Others make ranges with much lower ceiling heights due to the physical restrictions of shipping containers and the placement of baffles on the inside.


When you opt for a SRT Shooting Range Facility, you get choices so that you can customize your range with the equipment that suits your need or helps you meet the requirements of your training need best. SRT has cooperative agreements with all of the leaders in the industry such as Savage Range Systems, Meggitt Training Systems, Mancom, Paragon Tactical and Range Systems. Every SRT Range either includes or offers as an available option, Laser Shot’s Thermal Shot live-fire, virtual (projected, animated video) targetry – even available as a continuous video wall up to 40’ wide! This is the same state-of-the-art system used by U.S. and foreign Special Forces. If you’d like to mix and match range equipment, no problem; tell us what you like and we'll make it work…and we'll get you the best price. Try that with another manufacturer!

Warranty / Service

All SRT ranges come with the best warranty coverage and available maintenance and service plans in the business. We guarantee the systems for one year; the structure for five years and the exterior for ten years! Extended plans are also available to meet your needs. Best of all instead of sending you off to one place for one system and somewhere else for another, we service all portions of the warranty in-house. In addition, we’ll happily design a comprehensive service and/or maintenance plan that works for you. So If you desire a one-stop shop approach to range purchase, warranty, maintenance, and service, we’ve got you covered.